T-mobile / 1.


We were responsible for the “Uberelj” campaign for T-mobile Hungary. Targeting young people between 16-25, the campaign concept was based on the idea that the current generation of young adults are driven by the desire to be seen not just as cool, the coolest.

The name of the campaign was inspired by the slang term ‘Überelni’, which means to do better or ‘one up ‘ someone and is well established in Hungarian popular culture.

The primary message is T-mobile helps them achieve this level of coolness through the use of their products. The offer on the first TV spot was a mobile internet package, which allows the user to share their cool moments immediately with the use of the mobile internet USB stick. The spot stars Petike, a Hungarian celebrity who won first prize in an international freestyle football competition that year.

Agency: McCann Budapest CD: Gabor Havasi CW: Endre Minda AD: Katalin Varga