Tesco Oscar Campaign – Intro


This year-long campaign promoted Tesco offers through an ongoing narrative about Oscar the trolley. Oscar is the main character and Tesco’s number one fan. He lives and breathes Tesco, and takes his job as a trolley very seriously. His sidekick Kicsi O is cute, but clumsy. Each TV spot highlights a different offer through a funny interaction between the two of them.

The campaign started with an introduction to Oscar, and introduced additional characters as it progressed, much like a sitcom.
 The client brief was to produce a cute and amusing campaign which would catch the attention of children and appeal to families, the primary target of Tesco.

Client: Tesco Hungary
Agency: McCann Budapest
Creative Director: Gábor Havasi
Copywriter: Gábor Wagner
Art Director: Katalin Varga
Production: Budapest Animation&Visual Effect Studio
Director: Miklós Varga