Tesco Tefal


This TV spot promoted a collaboration between Tefal and Tesco. The promotion was a reward scheme where customers receive a red sticker for every 1000 HUF spend in the store. These stickers would then be put in a Tesco-Tefal booklet given to the customer at the start of the promotion and redeemed for a 50% discount off selected Tefal products. 
The concept of the red spot comes from a merit system in Hungarian elementary schools, where children receive a red spot for excellent work. The phrase “to give/receive a red spot” has crossed into common usage and means to give/receive appreciation for someone’s work, for example cooking a delicious dinner for your family. The ad highlights that people can receive red spots from their family as well as actual red spots from Tesco. The use of the red spot on the paddles held up by the families also references Tefal’s trademark red spot. 
The ad reinforces the connection between using Tefal’s superior products and cooking delicious Tesco food, which in turn leads to receiving appreciation from your family and friends.